The Family B

I've been shooting some super-fun families this fall.   The weather has been (usually) glorious, and the locations have been a dream and exactly-what-they wanted!  This was one of the few shoots, because of weather, that had to be rescheduled.

I'll admit too that this had to be one of my favourite afternoons spent.........with Marie, Chris & their lovely gang.  Too many "moments" to count.  Funny, happy, so nice & tons of chemistry here.  Even Teak, the family mascot we'll call him, managed to be comic relief in a few shots.

I received the loveliest email, a few days after the shoot, from Marie, thanking me for putting up with their silliness,  and giving me one of the sweetest compliments, a photographer love love loves to hear.......... "Denise, we had so much fun, and you were the perfect fit for our family!"  Awwwwwwww!!