Growing and growing and growing!

Baby numero three.  The kind of shoot I like - loose and free flowing.  This one was pretty special with my people.  Ready to welcome a new little sister very soon, into this active and love filled family.

Let's go get our pictures taken now.  Someone wants to go see the boat.  Someone wants to snuggle her little sister, and someone doesn't, he wants to go see the boat.  Someone is cold and needs her jacket back on.  The kids don't want to hold hands.  Oh wait, they do!  Someone needs to go see the tower (our wind power tower) - now!  Then we're near the lake, must be time to go skating.  They need their skates on.  They want to go skate!  We pile them into the sled......and we go skating.  Easy peasy maternity session.  

Family Day at the Sugarbush

A family sugarbush weekend at the river.  Friends let me tag along, and I'm so glad they did.  It was overcast, but warm.  An annual get together with many family and friends laughing, sharing, and working together.  It made me think about my childhood........gathering at Grammie and Grampies to boil in the big cauldron.  Everything on the farm, back then, seemed like a big family party.

This gang was set for a weekend of fun, and maybe a bit of work, that didn't really seem like work.  All for the fun of it all, and to make that sweet maple syrup for the coming year.  I only wish I would have spent the day......for the taffy on the snow!!  ;-)

Thanks Watson family for letting me hang out with you for a couple of hours.

The trek down over the hill.

The trek down over the hill.

Chaga tea.  Surprisingly sweet.

Chaga tea.  Surprisingly sweet.

Everybody lends a hand.  Quite a process.

Everybody lends a hand.  Quite a process.

These images were just me playing with a new lens.

These images were just me playing with a new lens.

2015 ReCap

Holy Wow!  I've been a total slacker in the BLOG dept. this Fall.  It was a busy and fun and freaky and frenzied and awesome year!  My husband kept asking...."aren't you busier than normal this year?"  I certainly loved every minute!  Let's see.........I shot 5 weddings, 2 engagements, 10 - 2016 grads, 24 family sessions (that's a LOT of kid chasing), 4 newborn/in home sessions, 5 commercial gigs, HHS prom, 3 maternity sessions and a first birthday party - it was beyond fun & colourful & loud!  haha  And a few more fun projects were thrown into the mix, including a show with my photography collective - SilverFish.  

I feel so truly blessed to have the clients and friends that I do.  My job is not a job..........I'm so thankful to be doing what I love.  Thank you all for another fabulous year!

In no particular are some of my favourites from last year.



It's my Party And I'll Cry if I Want To!

Not that dear Simon, who just turned 1, is a cryer, but he's quite the opposite.  A sweet and loveable little boy who is surrounded by love love love and then a side of love!  But he  certainly preferred his piece of watermelon to a chocolate cupcake!  I don't get it!!  

This was a fun afternoon of shooting - lots of family memories for this lovely young and fun gang.

Happy 1st birthday sweet Simon!!  xo


Melissa and Cody patiently waiting.

Melissa and Cody met in high school, went to university, got jobs, bought a sweet little house, in the right part of town  ;-) and now...........BOOM!  They are patiently waiting for baby.  I love love love taking expectant parents pictures in their home, it's so intimate and comfortable........especially with these three.  

I cannot wait to take her/his pictures in his new home......soon!



There are no words for how much I LOVE this kid.  He may as well be mine.  I remember vividly, the first time I saw and held him.  I still can't believe he's "there".  Graduating.  From high school. Oh my, what a lovely young man you've become Bry.  I don't think you know how much love and  support surrounds you!  We are ALL so proud of you.


Auntie Deice

Jen & Mitch & Ava

This is the third time I've met up with Jen & Mitch.  Their wedding, first anniversary, now awaiting the arrival of baby Ava - they are such a sweet couple, and so much fun to spend time with. And (sorry for starting a sentence with and) they live on a beautiful family farm that just goes on and on with gorgeous fields........and blackflies the evening I was there, a LOT of blackflies!!

 Just a wee glimpse at their session.  Fun, sweet and very, very fast (due to flies keeping us focused (haha) and on task!)


Some, no......LOTS of Winter Happy!

Yes, it's been a long winter, blah blah blah blah!  I'm thinking people need a bit of a reminder, about how many fabulous winter days there were this year!  Yes, there was a lot of dreary stuff, but look at these happy, smiling, dare I say, giggling people I got to hang out with.  Some in January!!   There was some stellar winter weather and fun happening!  Some silly love.  Some great family time - outside even!!  And some amazing light along the way!

The last few shots were taken just 3 short days ago!  Remember Saturday?  Sun, +10?  It WILL happen again, just hang in there everyone!  

Meanwhile.......enjoy the winter happy!


Mr J had enough in December!

Mr J had enough in December!

Ahhhhhh teenager +  family time.

Ahhhhhh teenager +  family time.

S.....the dog whisperer.

S.....the dog whisperer.

Babies. Babies. Babies!

So, I'm not doing so great with my "once a week Blog entry" resolution - eek!  Lordy, I almost missed February completely!  Most of this month has been spent relaxing and recharging.  I'm looking forward to all that the rest of 2014 brings my way.  And I'll get better with this blogging too!

A lot of little girlies have made their way to me this year.  A LOT!  

Each one of them, no matter what their age, have certainly found their inner divas.  Haha!  This is only but a sampling of the cuteness I've seen already this year.  

It's always so much fun to get together with the new little families for fun portraits.  Little ones never ever EVER do what you expect on photo day, which usually gives us wonderful surprise moments to cherish.  Nothing posed, pushed or propped.  Memories as they happen.

Enjoy the sweetness!

Sweet Georgia.

Sweet Georgia.

What an awesomely sweet family!

What an awesomely sweet family!

Adorable dearest Chloe.

Adorable dearest Chloe.

Serious little Elise.

Serious little Elise.

Baby sneezes!!  

Baby sneezes!!  

Adorable Ashtyn.

Adorable Ashtyn.


Favourites for 2013

These are just that.........some of my favourite moments and memories, in no particular order, from 2013.

The year was a busy one.......wonderfully busy with 38 portrait sessions, 6 weddings, 3 shows with (my fantabulous photography group) Silverfish, a weekend workshop in Hali, a Lightroom course taken, a speaking engagement (so fun!), a half dozen cancer survivors met and photographed (such spirit and light) - for my personal project, a few barters with local artists (my favourite thing to do!!), met more of the photographers in the area, and re-vamped my website - thanks to the talented Tanya Duffy Design!!  Phew, no wonder it seemed busy by times!

Loved 2013.....looking forward to the fun in 2014!!


Thank you to all of my amazing/wonderful/loved clients!! 

....the mimosas are always a pretty process.

....the mimosas are always a pretty process.

Pretty Fabulous-3600.jpg

Time to celebrate.

I got together, with this lovely family, a while back.  They were celebrating their 22nd wedding anniversary.....that day!  When Audrey contacted me for their appointment, she had said "Oh, it's only our 22nd, not a big one, but it will be fun!"  I told her I thought it was a sweet idea......and that they are ALL big ones!  Congratulations to a lovely couple, and wonderfully close family.  I swear, those sweet boys of hers would do anything she asked of them!  



The Lovely Leah

I was thrilled when Leahs Mom contacted me, to make arrangements for her 2014 graduation portraits.  I had taken her brothers grad photos a couple of years ago, and was so pleased when she requested I do hers.  A soft-spoken red headed beauty, who has so many sweet expressions.

I've know her parents for.......forever!  Her Dad is one of my very first  (and forever) friends from Mrs Greys grade 1 class.  Her Mom I've known since high school.  We were "rock-star" dishwashers, at the local restaurant.  Good times.

So, needless to say, it was a fun catch up with everyone (especially the gorgeous grad!) during this fun afternoon shoot.  Oh yes, Cooper kind of stole the show.



Oh those leaves!

Who knew that colourful leaves could be so fascinating  and funny?! 

Dear Lady Jane & her Mom and Dad (ok, my daughter Jill, son in law Scott & sweet granddaughter Jane) had a great time in the leaves, after work, not too long ago.  One would have thought after a long day of book ready, cat chasing, snack eating & other such busy-ness, Jane would have been a cranky subject.  The thing about Jane.......she doesn't do cranky very often.