Growing and growing and growing!

Baby numero three.  The kind of shoot I like - loose and free flowing.  This one was pretty special with my people.  Ready to welcome a new little sister very soon, into this active and love filled family.

Let's go get our pictures taken now.  Someone wants to go see the boat.  Someone wants to snuggle her little sister, and someone doesn't, he wants to go see the boat.  Someone is cold and needs her jacket back on.  The kids don't want to hold hands.  Oh wait, they do!  Someone needs to go see the tower (our wind power tower) - now!  Then we're near the lake, must be time to go skating.  They need their skates on.  They want to go skate!  We pile them into the sled......and we go skating.  Easy peasy maternity session.  

2015 ReCap

Holy Wow!  I've been a total slacker in the BLOG dept. this Fall.  It was a busy and fun and freaky and frenzied and awesome year!  My husband kept asking...."aren't you busier than normal this year?"  I certainly loved every minute!  Let's see.........I shot 5 weddings, 2 engagements, 10 - 2016 grads, 24 family sessions (that's a LOT of kid chasing), 4 newborn/in home sessions, 5 commercial gigs, HHS prom, 3 maternity sessions and a first birthday party - it was beyond fun & colourful & loud!  haha  And a few more fun projects were thrown into the mix, including a show with my photography collective - SilverFish.  

I feel so truly blessed to have the clients and friends that I do.  My job is not a job..........I'm so thankful to be doing what I love.  Thank you all for another fabulous year!

In no particular are some of my favourites from last year.



Melissa and Cody patiently waiting.

Melissa and Cody met in high school, went to university, got jobs, bought a sweet little house, in the right part of town  ;-) and now...........BOOM!  They are patiently waiting for baby.  I love love love taking expectant parents pictures in their home, it's so intimate and comfortable........especially with these three.  

I cannot wait to take her/his pictures in his new home......soon!


Jen & Mitch & Ava

This is the third time I've met up with Jen & Mitch.  Their wedding, first anniversary, now awaiting the arrival of baby Ava - they are such a sweet couple, and so much fun to spend time with. And (sorry for starting a sentence with and) they live on a beautiful family farm that just goes on and on with gorgeous fields........and blackflies the evening I was there, a LOT of blackflies!!

 Just a wee glimpse at their session.  Fun, sweet and very, very fast (due to flies keeping us focused (haha) and on task!)


A much needed down day.

So, I guess June slipped by without a blog post.....oops.  It was a rough spring for our family.  My Dad went into the hospital, and a few weeks later he came home.  A stressful time for us all.

Looking back through my spring 2014 images, I found these....... of a wonderful day, spent with a good friend.  A road trip, a lovely lunch, and time to shoot, laugh, and to just be, for the day.  I'm so thankful.