Melissa and Cody patiently waiting.

Melissa and Cody met in high school, went to university, got jobs, bought a sweet little house, in the right part of town  ;-) and now...........BOOM!  They are patiently waiting for baby.  I love love love taking expectant parents pictures in their home, it's so intimate and comfortable........especially with these three.  

I cannot wait to take her/his pictures in his new home......soon!


Jen & Mitch & Ava

This is the third time I've met up with Jen & Mitch.  Their wedding, first anniversary, now awaiting the arrival of baby Ava - they are such a sweet couple, and so much fun to spend time with. And (sorry for starting a sentence with and) they live on a beautiful family farm that just goes on and on with gorgeous fields........and blackflies the evening I was there, a LOT of blackflies!!

 Just a wee glimpse at their session.  Fun, sweet and very, very fast (due to flies keeping us focused (haha) and on task!)


Time to celebrate.

I got together, with this lovely family, a while back.  They were celebrating their 22nd wedding anniversary.....that day!  When Audrey contacted me for their appointment, she had said "Oh, it's only our 22nd, not a big one, but it will be fun!"  I told her I thought it was a sweet idea......and that they are ALL big ones!  Congratulations to a lovely couple, and wonderfully close family.  I swear, those sweet boys of hers would do anything she asked of them!