So, I got home tonight and dissolved into a puddle while looking at those photos!  I wanted to send you a note to say thank you, because I really am not sure if you fully comprehend what this means to me.

After my world turned upside down a couple of years ago, the definition of what I always had for family changed. Sure there was still the biological definition of shared genetic lineage, but what it meant to be family was forever altered for me. My concept of that large circle of support was taken away, and all of a sudden the huge family get togethers didn't happen, the heaping doses of guilt replaced that because the expectation from others was that if I could just get past this then everything would be okay. I couldn't just get past it, and it wouldn't just be okay. 

There were many times that I didn't want to get out of bed, but I had two very special reasons why I had to. As Oriah wrote in her poem The Invitation- "I want to know if you can get up after the night of grief and despair, weary and bruised to the bone and do what needs to be done to feed the children". I chose to get up and do what needed to be done. 

So, fast forward a couple of years to a Mom who questions every decision and how that will impact her children. To a woman who made the hardest decision of her life based on the fact that she didn't want to model an unhealthy relationship for her two growing daughters and because of that decision has had to face fears she never knew she carried. Look at a woman who so many times has had to put her "big girl panties" on and just deal with an ex-husband who she wants to kick in the ass sometimes, but instead she smooths the waters so the girlies don't suffer. A woman who would do anything to make sure her girls were okay. 

Then, you come along with your wonderful gift. Your gift that you share so freely. In one short period of time together you have captured us. You have captured the love and devotion we have for each other. You have captured the joy we have in each other's presence, you have captured the unconditional acceptance we feel with each other that we can be silly together. And you have reassured me. Surely, two wonderfully beautiful smiling girlies like you have captured are doing okay. Surely the mistakes I have made have not scarred them too deeply, and surely the bond that they have now cannot nor will not be broken. You have captured the immeasurable pride I have in them, and how I want to hold them close for just a moment longer. You, through your gift, have helped me redefine family and what that love looks like. 

Your gift to me is priceless, and though thank you is a small phrase, it has a very deep well of gratitude behind it. 

I hope you know how great you are, and what a blessing you are to others. 


"If I had to count the number of times I take out my wedding pictures just to relive the day, I'd be averaging about twice a week since my wedding day. That's not even an exaggeration. The reason why I do that is because Denise so completely captured my wedding day that it feels like I'm reliving it every time. The pictures she took for us sum up the people and places from beginning to end. They're simply authentic.

I chose Denise based on pictures she'd taken for my family before. I didn't even consider another photographer, because I knew she'd be a great fit. One of the main reasons being that she is able to get great pictures of my dad despite the fact that he is usually talking the entire time instead of posing for her. Taking pictures of men that don't photograph well is a skill. Denise listened to all of my thoughts and dreams about the big day, and it shows in the pictures we ended up with. All of the sentimental moments are there, the laughs and the tears, and plenty of candid shots captured with Denise's professional touch. She picked up on the style and feeling of the day completely. 

Denise felt like a part of the whole experience, and helped us to relax and enjoy our wedding day. Our pictures were ready and sent to us quickly afterwards in a very beautiful package! Plus Denise does an excellent job putting together photo books. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding photographer or family photographer."

Anita & Preston


"I first met Denise when planning my wedding. She had many creative ideas and a well thought out back up plan for rain; she instantly put me at ease. Her professional yet fun attitude was a great mix for my lively and a bit silly wedding party. Our wedding party and families had the time of our lives and it was reflected well in the photos. I was looking for casual, natural, but different photos and she delivered perfectly. Our pregnancy and baby photos were flawless as well, I couldn’t have been happier with them. 

Denise Rowe has been our family photographer through most of the pivotal events in our lives; from our wedding day to pregnancy and photos of our 10 day old little girl. She has shared the major memorable moments in my life and captured them forever in her own beautiful creative way. I will treasure these moments forever." 
Holly & Mark


"When our first child was an infant, we had his photos taken at a local grocery / department store.  As their schedule was so tight, we felt extremely rushed, pressured to decide on the photos to purchase, and as though the photographer did not have time for our son to be upset for a few minutes or to ensure that a few good photos were taken.  We decided that there had to be a better option for our family!  Shortly after this, Denise took our photos for the first time – the experience that we had with her was like night and day!  With her wonderful personality and relaxed style, Denise instantly made us feel comfortable.  She did not make us feel rushed, she was able to work with our son even if he was not being overly cooperative, and she ensured that we had tons of beautiful photos from which to decide.  We are now seven years later and Denise has continued to photograph us and our two children on at least a yearly basis.  Her commitment to providing a positive experience to her clients has remained.  Quite simply, Denise is extremely talented and her photos are amazing, fun, and unique.  We are so pleased to count ourselves among her many clients and we simply wouldn’t even consider going elsewhere!"
Stacey and Dale 


"When we were looking for a wedding photographer we knew that one of the most important things would be to choose someone we were comfortable with. With Denise, her kind, creative, and energetic personality, combined with her professionalism, had us instantly at ease.

We told Denise that we wanted our pictures very natural and in the moment. She was able to make possible any ideas that we had for pictures and Denise’s artist eye captured even the smallest details and most beautiful moments of our special day.  We are beyond thrilled with our photos and will cherish them always! 

We look forward to working with Denise again in the future!"
Sarah & Josh


"Having known Denise my whole life, there was no question about who I wanted to be my wedding photographer.  After getting engaged, one of my first calls was to confirm she would be available for our wedding.  I was living in Ottawa at the time, but she always accommodated me through email and phone calls when we couldn’t get together face to face.  Once I made it back to Fredericton, she continued to work around my schedule, meeting me at home or my office to prepare for the day and make sure she understood what was important to us.  

As the day approached, she attended our rehearsal; and on the day of the wedding, she put in as many hours as I did!  From meeting us bright and early at the salon, to capturing the men’s preparations, the special family moments, the ceremony, all the way through seemingly endless portraits with guests who had travelled from far and wide to be part of our day.  She was warm and smiling with never-ending patience, despite being told “just one more” about a hundred times.  

She brought her own unique perspective to our pictures and now, through her work, we have the opportunity to relive these precious moments.  Thanks Denise! xo"
 Adele & Shawn


Hiring you to take my son’s graduation photos was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  You truly brought out the true beauty in my ‘baby’ boy who’s grown to be such a fine young man.  He is very reserved and somewhat shy, as I’m sure you realized during the shoot, and he was quite hesitant to even get grad photos taken.  You totally put him at ease and the finished product took my breath away.  You are so incredibly talented; and this shines through in your photography!  Thank you so much for capturing this huge milestone in our lives.  I’m so proud of him and you totally captured his shy, but loving personality in these photos.  I love what you’ve done with every single pose and place.  

Thank you again so much!